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Norton-McKinnon Railway

Left to right: Mrs Allen Rae (nee Robertson and would be Mrs Hughie Mills), Minnie Rae, Olive Judd, and Ed Rae on Norton-McKinnon Railway.

In 1911, McKinnon and Norton of the Newport Timber Company were logging in Squamish in the area known as the base camp road, near Curly Lews' place. They had donkeys, a large shay engine, and a weird whistle. Mr McKinnon was a bartender and Mr Norton was a logger. Amedy Levesque and George Laviolette worked as brakemen on the locomotive. The camp was run by Mr Fuller.

On Norton-Mackinnon Railway

Left to right: Mrs Kate Mills, Ozzie Rae, Olive Judd, and Minnie Rae on the Mackinnon Railway.

In 1910, a man by the name of Norton McKinnon came to the area to log by railway, laying track from the Mamquam River to the Northern Pemberton Railway line. Unfortunately, a company fire in 1913 by the Mamquam River resulted in the loss of McKinnon’s business, and he left Squamish soon after.

Despite this setback to one of the first logging pioneers, harvesting continued through the Squamish area with the company of Merrill and Ring. With a steam engine salvaged from Norton McKinnon’s company, Merrill and Ring continued laying railway track from what is now the log dump south of the Stawamus Reserve to Valleycliffe and across the Mamquam River.

On speeder

Left to right: "Big Dave" Thompson (steel foreman), Wilma Ferguson, Kenny Ferguson, Einear Findsen, speeder driver), Charlie Moore (son of general manager "Old George Moore") seated on speeder.
Photo by: Ed Aldridge.

Aldridge, Ed

PGE shops - retirement of Harold Bailey, 1951

Left to right, top row: Mr Vogle, Les Moule, Bill Richmond, Owen Reeve, ?, George Appleyard, Fred Barnfield, Bill McAllister, Les Walton, Tommy Gilgan, Russ Lamport, Brian Buckley, ?, Jimmy Harley (in loco).
Third row: Bill Curran, Len Gorsuch.
Second row: Eric Axen, Art Anglin, Ed Aldridge, Jack Frost, Tommy Fowler, Harold Bailey, Don Robinson, Frank King, Rosie Zack, Lil Hutchinson, Christy Wheatley, Mrs Tremblay, Margaret Thorne, Bill Hales, Bob Slack, Harry Brightbill, Bob Bruce, ?, ?, ?, ?, Joe Gault, Joe Mulhern, Bill Riley, Barry Hunt, Cy Marchant, Bill Bazley.
Front row: Jim Taylor, Jim Hurren, Ivo Confortin, Jim Robinson, Tommy Fraser, Bill Gedge.
Dennis or Buzz Downer, ?, ,?, Arnold Kermein.

PGE's inaugural train to Squamish

The original photograph was recorded to be from August 28, 1956 and pictured Premier W.A.C. Bennet on the far right.

Additional information from Trevor Mills, 01/2012: This photo is to early for 1956 as the original caption says. The use of sides on a flat car to carry people was outlawed by 1956. The caboose behind the engine had been scrapped by this time. The first run to Squamish was pulled by diesels and not steam. Trevor Mills' father, PGE locomotive engineer Bert Mills who came to Squamish in 1954 following employment with the CPR after arriving from England in 1948. was on the train. This was probably the first through train to Lillooet in 1915. The premier at the time was James McBride.

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