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Trains With digital objects
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View from station platform

The photograph was originally recorded as a view from station platform looking north.

Additional information from Trevor Mills, 01/2012: This photo is looking south not north. It was taken from a boxcar at the freight shed. The station is the small building on the right of the photo so this could not have been taken from the platform.

First locomotive to come up Howe Sound to Norton & McKinnon logging operation

Left to right: Tommy Dickenson (book keeper), George Percy (superintendent), Pete Olsen (hooktender), Al Lund (head high rigger). Taken in 1927 where South Park apartments now stand.
Engine - 50 ton wood burning shay later converted to oil burner. First locomotive to come up Howe Sound to Norton & McKinnon logging operation. Acquired by Merrill & Ring for fire damage to Merrill & Ring timber when Norton McKinnon had a bad fire. Loco taken out of Squamish to other Merrill & Ring operations and came back to Squamish in late 1927 or early 1927. Shark arrester smoke stack loco.
Information supplied by Ed Aldridge.
Photo by: Bun Yarwood.

In 1911, McKinnon and Norton of the Newport Timber Company were logging in Squamish in the area known as the base camp road, near Curly Lews' place. They had donkeys, a large shay engine, and a weird whistle. Mr McKinnon was a bartender and Mr Norton was a logger. Amedy Levesque and George Laviolette worked as brakemen on the locomotive. The camp was run by Mr Fuller.

First full train of logs going south

First full train of logs going south through "Old Camp" on way to dump. Merrill and Ring 0-4-0 14 ton plymouth gas locomotive.
Left to right: Bun Yarwood, ?, Big Dave Thompson, Al Lund, ?, Bill Tourcotte, ?.
May 1927.
Photo by Ed Aldridge.

Aldridge, Ed

Train and logs

It has a stamp from the MacMillan Bloedel Corporate Communications Department and Jennings Ltd. Photography.

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