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Grade 7 & 8, Mashiter School 1932 - 1933

Left to right, front row: Frank Sabotka, Barney Blundell, Bill Machin, Bob Armstrong, Stanley Johnson, Mike Buckley, Logan Percy, Keith Kennedy, Harold Graham, Jim Armstrong.
Second row: Grace Moon, Constance Prendergast, Jean Mahood, Betty Quick, Ruth Downer, Vern Jamison, Geraldine Lewis, Josephine Martin, Irma Selons, Dorothy Edwards, Lily Lewis.
Third row: Francis Lamport, Anita Green, Louise Rae, Mavis Edwards, Catherine Rae, Irene Rae, Vera Lamport, Betty Hunt, Margaret McNamee, Anne Lasser, Jessie Downer.
Fourt row: Noel Mulhern, Fred Eadie, Bud Lourcoutte, Herbert Rae, Jack Gibson, Joe Seymour, John Sabotka.

Armstrong, Jim

Class picture

Left to right, front row: George Axen, Jack Duncan, Bob Magee, Jack Mahood, Ken Jamison, Henry Downer, Marsh Johnson.
2nd row: Marge Lasser, Josephine Hurren, Violet Sobotka, Angus Hutton, Lillian Lasser, Eileen Mahood, Mary Olsen, Mary Sobotka, Vern Jaimson, Mary Waller.
3rd row: Phyllis Leach, Margaret Hamilton, Nellie Green, Bunny Clarke, Noanie Castle, Lorraine Smith, Connie Prendergast, Laurie McCrae, Betty Quick, Jean Mahood, Ruth Downer.
Back row: Allan Cameron (teacher), Albert Lassman, Jed Martin, Sunny Graham, Bill Machin, Ian Hamilton, Jimmy Leach, Jerry Lee (teacher).

Class picture - 1928 (Grades 1, 2, 3)

Left to right, front row: Jim Hurren, Stanley Johnson, Wilma Klein, Lenora Thom, Jo Martin, Betty Quick, Ruth Downer, Agnes Hutton, Connie Predergast, Dorothy Blundell, Norm Chadwick.
2nd row: John Hurren, Clarence Johnson, Joyce Gratton, Aileen Lamport, Frances Lamport, Marjorie Castle, Keith Kennedy, Jack Confortin, Logan Percy.
Back row: Gordon Miller, Sonny Moir, Johnny Sobotka, Bill Martin, Kenneth Buckley, Dennie Singleton, Fred Eadie.
Teacher: Freda Lasser (later Mrs Stan Clarke).

May Day, early 1960's

Left to right, front row: ?, ?, ?.
2nd row: Marilyn Kashmir, Sharon Hurst, Donna Dorhety, Jileen Drenka, ?, ?, Sheila MacKenzie, Ethel Kennedy, Dallas Arnett, Marcia Seymour.
3rd row: Joan Clark, ?, April Dawson, ?, Clair Minchin, ?, Beth Rhymall, Diane Lassman, Beverly Hill.
4th row: ____ Dapilioni, ?, Janice Hurford, ?, Cathy Olson, Janet Constantine, ?, Heather Peterson.

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