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Ellen Harley and Freda Clarke

Ellen Harley (left) and Freda Clarke (right) in Squamish United Church.

This church (38014 Fourth Avenue) was built for the Presbyterian community in 1921. After several years of services held in the Anglican Church, the Presbyterian community raised this second church in Squamish.

Original use: Church.
Current use: Church.
Current condition: Well maintained, still in use as a church.

Grade 6 Mashiter School class picture

Left to right, row 1: Jed Martin, Marshall Johnson, Harry Lassman, Jack Mahood, George Martin, Harvey Hurren, Billy Dawson, Logan Percy (?).
Row 2: Alberta Lassman, Joan Clarke, Noanie Castle, Lorraine Smith, Betty Lamport, Violet Sabotka, Phyllis Leach, Marge Lasser, Lillian Lasser, Angus Hutton.
Row 3: Mary Anne Eadie, Ester Lamport, Mary Johnson, Iris Ingraham, Beverly Quick, Joan Machin, Vivian Duncan, Josephine Hurren, Mary Sobtka, Lory McCrae, Kathleen Blundell.
Row 4: Reggie Munro, Hughie McCalaster, Irwin Nichols, George Lipsey, Jacky Duncan.
Row 5: Earnie Lipsey, John Hurren, Harold Lipsey, Gordan Allan, Henry Downer, Ken Jamison, Harry Seymour.

Class picture

Left to right, front row: George Axen, Jack Duncan, Bob Magee, Jack Mahood, Ken Jamison, Henry Downer, Marsh Johnson.
2nd row: Marge Lasser, Josephine Hurren, Violet Sobotka, Angus Hutton, Lillian Lasser, Eileen Mahood, Mary Olsen, Mary Sobotka, Vern Jaimson, Mary Waller.
3rd row: Phyllis Leach, Margaret Hamilton, Nellie Green, Bunny Clarke, Noanie Castle, Lorraine Smith, Connie Prendergast, Laurie McCrae, Betty Quick, Jean Mahood, Ruth Downer.
Back row: Allan Cameron (teacher), Albert Lassman, Jed Martin, Sunny Graham, Bill Machin, Ian Hamilton, Jimmy Leach, Jerry Lee (teacher).

Class picture - 1928 (Grades 1, 2, 3)

Left to right, front row: Jim Hurren, Stanley Johnson, Wilma Klein, Lenora Thom, Jo Martin, Betty Quick, Ruth Downer, Agnes Hutton, Connie Predergast, Dorothy Blundell, Norm Chadwick.
2nd row: John Hurren, Clarence Johnson, Joyce Gratton, Aileen Lamport, Frances Lamport, Marjorie Castle, Keith Kennedy, Jack Confortin, Logan Percy.
Back row: Gordon Miller, Sonny Moir, Johnny Sobotka, Bill Martin, Kenneth Buckley, Dennie Singleton, Fred Eadie.
Teacher: Freda Lasser (later Mrs Stan Clarke).