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Harry, Ernest (Ernie) With digital objects
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George Harry and Ernie Harry

George Harry (Xwach-la-nexw) on left and Ernie Harry (Peḵultn Siyam) at Kow-tain village.

Ernie Harry's grandfather, Charlie Douglas, lived on the K-YAU-tain reserve for quite some time in the early 1900's and worked as a logger for Al Barbour.

First Nations

Left to right, back row: Harriet Harry (Tsawaysia), George Harry (Xwach-la-nexw).
Front: Ernest Harry (Pekultn Siyam), Charlie Douglas (Xwa-lacktun), Catherine Douglas.

At Stardust Hop Yards

Left to right: Charlie Douglas (Xwa-lacktun), Ernie Harry (Pekultn Siyam), and George Harry (Xwach-la-nexw) at Stardust Hop Yards.

Charlie Douglas is Ernie Harry's grandfather.

Hop farming was Squamish's first major industry. The major producer was Squamish Valley Hop Raising Co. (Bell-Irving Ranch). Hops are perennials and grown about 6 feet apart. They are picked during September and August. Hops are dried and bleached with sulphur in a kiln. In Squamish, Chinese labour was brought in to tend the hops. Local First Nations were the pickers. They would camp in the area now between Petro Canada gas station and the Cottonwood condominiums. The hops in Squamish were top grade. They were shipped to Vancouver in bales wrapped in Burlap, then shipped to Britain where they were used to make beer.