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1937 school picture, Mashiter School

Left to right, front row: Bob McCormick, Harold Halvorson, David Morrison, Dick Dawson, James Eadie, ?.
Second row: Marion Strathers, Viola Halvorson, ?, Doreen Confortin, Barbara Machin, Barbara Sobotka, Tess Martin, Eleanor Oakes, Aleeta Smith, Daphne Bone, Ruth Cooper.
Third row: Leonard Hanna, Anthony Finlay, Bud Dixon, Iona Magee, Patricia Conley, Milliage Oakes, George Smith, Peter Clarke.
Back row: Teddy Rae, Harold Strathers, Bryce Morrison, Allan Cooper, Teddy Chadwick, Robina Prendergast (teacher).

1948 - 1949 school picture, Mashiter School

Left to right, back row: Harvey Trudeau, Bob Dent, Wayne Mitchell, Maurice Patterson, Jim Buchanan, Gord Turnquist, Alan Dent, Thor Halvorson.
Middle row: Mary McCormick, Eddy Lewis, Stan Zack, Gil Garrison, George Johnson, Bill Dent, Ron Klassen, Lundy Boscariol, Mr Alex Patterson.
Front row: Pat Taylor, Dorothy Caldwell, Judy Slack, Rose Mary Tremblay, Helen Zack, Ruth Jordan, Lynette Munro, Shirley Bazley, Maureen Todd.

Brackendale School picture, 1905

Left to right: Bert Rae, Maurice Rae, Thorne girl (likely Edna), Ethel Herres, Olive Judd, ?, Wilby Judd, Earl Judd, Lizzy Herres, ?, Harold Thorne, Belle Herres, Rae boy (likely Herbert Lawson).
Teacher: Mr Alexander Stephen.

Cabinet of BC meet in Squamish

The Cabinet of British Columbia met in Squamish on June 23, 1960.

Left to right: Honourable L.R. Peterson, Minister of Education; Honourable W.K. Kiernan, Minister of Mines and Petroleum Development; S.R. Bishop, Chairman of the Village Council; Ed Antosh, Commissioner; Honourable N.P. Steacy, Minister of Agriculture; Honourable E.C.F. Martin, Minister of Health Services & Hospital Insurance; Don Robinson, MLA (SC Lillooet); Honourable W.A.C. Bennett, Premier; President of Council, Minister of Finance; L.C. Kindree, Commissioner; Honourable Lyle Wicks, Minister of Labour.

Class picture

Left to right, front row: George Axen, Jack Duncan, Bob Magee, Jack Mahood, Ken Jamison, Henry Downer, Marsh Johnson.
2nd row: Marge Lasser, Josephine Hurren, Violet Sobotka, Angus Hutton, Lillian Lasser, Eileen Mahood, Mary Olsen, Mary Sobotka, Vern Jaimson, Mary Waller.
3rd row: Phyllis Leach, Margaret Hamilton, Nellie Green, Bunny Clarke, Noanie Castle, Lorraine Smith, Connie Prendergast, Laurie McCrae, Betty Quick, Jean Mahood, Ruth Downer.
Back row: Allan Cameron (teacher), Albert Lassman, Jed Martin, Sunny Graham, Bill Machin, Ian Hamilton, Jimmy Leach, Jerry Lee (teacher).

Class picture

Left to right, back row: Thor Halvorson, Pete Shore, Wayne Mitchell, Stan Zack, Alan Dent, Maurice Patterson, Gord Turnquist, Bill Harwood.
2nd row: Bill Wray, Bill Dent, Martha Ingraham, Del Tatlow, Isabel Buchanan, Judy Slack, George Johnson, Jack Carson.
Front row: Iris Klassen, Rose Tremblay, Inez Nygard, Elsie Nygard, Lynette Munro, Lundy Boscariol, Shirley Fowler.
Teacher: Jim Borden.

Class picture

Left to right, top row: Keith Green, Sam Lurane, Les Magee, Bob Armstrong, and Mike Buckley.
Second row: Stand Johnson, Noel Mulhern, Cleve Dawson, Herb Rae, Charlie Barnfield, Bill McAllister, Gerry Lee (teacher).
Bottom row: Vivian Ingraham, Mugs Armstrong, Rae-Mary Connely, Josephine Martin, Anne Lasser.

Class picture

Left to right, back row: Victor Martinow (?), Frank Axen, Harold Halvorson, Norm Barr, Jack Stathers.
Front row: Phyllis Dorman, Phyllis Lewis, Aleeta Smith, Mr E. Hayes, Ann Morrison, Rita Houston, Eleanor Sullivan.

Class picture - 1928 (Grades 1, 2, 3)

Left to right, front row: Jim Hurren, Stanley Johnson, Wilma Klein, Lenora Thom, Jo Martin, Betty Quick, Ruth Downer, Agnes Hutton, Connie Predergast, Dorothy Blundell, Norm Chadwick.
2nd row: John Hurren, Clarence Johnson, Joyce Gratton, Aileen Lamport, Frances Lamport, Marjorie Castle, Keith Kennedy, Jack Confortin, Logan Percy.
Back row: Gordon Miller, Sonny Moir, Johnny Sobotka, Bill Martin, Kenneth Buckley, Dennie Singleton, Fred Eadie.
Teacher: Freda Lasser (later Mrs Stan Clarke).

Class picture - Mashiter School

Left to right, first row: Johnny Lewis, Bob McCormick, Willie Boscario, George Smith, Harold Stathers, Peter Clark, Bryce Morrison, Terry Knox, Dick Dawson.
Second row: Doreen Confortin, Ruth Cooper, Delores Lewis, ?, Ruth Tremblay, Bernita Martinow, Eleanor Oaks, Margaret Knox, Rita Houston.
Third row: ?, Richard Olsen, Mae Franson, Joyce Carson, Miss Nora Tracey (teacher), Barbara Machin, Shirley Harding, Adolf Seymour, Harold Halvorson.

Class picture - Mashiter School 1939 (?)

Left to right: Jack Clark, Roy Lewis, Rob Carson, Harry Lassman, Harvey Hurren, Bill Dawson, Jack Woodard, Les Armstrong.
3rd row: Harry Seymour, Gordie Allen, Joyce Lundy, Betty Rae, Betty Lamport, Enna McComb, Joan Machean, Vivian Duncan, George Lipsey, Angie McRae.
2nd row: Ester Lamport, Ruth Carson, Ellen Axen, Beverley Quick, Yvonne Confortin, Allie Midnight, Joyce Hayles, Iris Ingraham, Marion Eadie, Mary Johnson.
1st row: Denis Downer, George Martin, Harry Nichols, Reggie Munro, ____ Mahood (?) Marshal Hurren.

Class picture, 1948 - 1949

Left to right, back row: Ken Lutz, Victor Martinow, Frank Axen, Dan Munro, Glenn Valde.
Middle row: Mr E. Hayes, Norm Barr, Jack Stathers, Harold Halvorson, Lex Ross, Dave Caldwell, Terry Frost.
Front row: Phyllis Dorman, Ann Morrison, Eleanor Sullivan, Christine Nygard, Doreen Hurst, Anne Confortin, June Confortin, Betty Carson, Margaret Boscariol.

Class picture, 1948 - 1949

Left to right, front row: Elsie Klassen, Anne Confortin, Isabel Buchanan, Doreen Hurst, Christine Nygard, Betty Jordan, Mr. A.E. White.
Middle row: Joan Bishop, Betty Carson, Del Tatlow, Jack Carson, Lex Ross, Terry Frost, Margaret Boscariol, Shirley Fowler, June Confortin, Iris Klassen.
Back row: Pete Shore, Dan Munro, Bill Wray, Ed Tutin, Dave Caldwell, Norm Halvorson, Ken Lutz, Glenn Valde.

Class picture, 1948 - 1949

Left to right, back row: Pete Shore, Dan Munro, Bill Wray, Ed Tutin, Dave Caldwell, Norm Halvorson, Ken Lutz, Glenn Valde.
Middle row: Elsie Klassen, Betty Carson, Del Tatlow, Jack Carson, Lex Ross, Terry Frost, Margaret Boscariol, Shirley Fowler, Christine Nygard.
Front row: Joan Bishop, Anne Confortin, Isabel Buchanan, Iris Klassen, Doreen Hurst, June Confortin, Betty Jordan, Mr A. White.

Ella Clemeny, Minerva Rae, Ella Fulk

Left to right: Ella Clemeny (teacher), Minerva Rae, Ella Fulk

Research compiled by Eric Andersen: Schoolteacher Ella Clements, Minnie Rae, and Mrs Lola Fulk, 1907. Minnie Rae's 1907 diary refers to the Fulks, the upper valley camps, and Owen Fulk's business trips into town by steamship. Owen Fulk of Skagit County (WA) was hired by E.K. Wood Lumber Co. to supervise the Squamish River logging operations. During the five years or so Fulk was at Squamish, he was the valley's preeminent man of business.

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