Shoonover, Charles Sherman

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Shoonover, Charles Sherman

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? - January 22, 1956


Charles Sherman Schoonover was born in Austinburg, Pennsylvannia. In 1897 he married Elvira Bump and they homesteaded in North Dokota. They had two daughters, Mary and Mildred (born Jan 3, 1902).

In October 1905 the Schoonovers pre-empted in Upper Squamish (opposite the BC Hydro power house) on 156 acres. They lived in a tiny cabin while their daughter Mary remained with their grandparents in Pennsylvannia. They had son named Robert in 1905 who was delivered by an Indian woman in Squamish.

Charles worked for shingle bolt camps and was a skillful canoeist, hunter, and fisherman. In 1908 the family moved to Brackendale. Charles bought oxen to help clear his land. Charles' daughter Mary moved to Squamish in 1914 and later became Mrs Bruce Wright.

In 1932, he and Elvira moved to a log cabin he had built north of the Brackendale Store. Charles developed a serious heart ailment in his later years and died at age 76.


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In 1912, Charles Sherman Schoonover was a School Board Trustee. From approximately 1914 onwards he guided timber cruising expeditions.

At one point he found a bear cub and kept it was a pet. It was later shot by a wandering hunter.

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MacDonald, Scott (1897 -)

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MacDonald, Mildred (January 3, 1902 -)

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Schoonover, Elvira (January 7, 1877 - April 15, 1958)

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