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Buckley, Doris

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  • - January 7, 1978

Doris Galbraith married Frank Buckley on October 11, 1914. They were the first couple married in Squamish. The ceremony was conducted by Reverend Hoyle in St. John the Divine Church (Anglican). The bridesmaid was Mrs J. Hellinger. Their first son David Franklin was born on October 24, 1915. They lived in a house in the later location of the Overwaitea.

Frank started to work for the PGE in 1916 and quickly worked his way to locomotive engineer. He was the third locomotive engineer to work for the PGE.

Their son Brian Buckley was born in Vancouver on October 20, 1930. Doris and Frank had a third son, Kenneth (Mike). David Franklin (first son) died in Squamish on August 30, 1932.

The Buckley's moved to a home near Buckley's crossing in 1938. His son Kenneth died in World War II.

Frank retired from the railway after 35 years in 1949. His son Brian married May Franson in 1950. His son's wife, May, died on August 18, 1977. Doris died on January 7, 1978.

Stathers, Eric

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Eric Stathers is a long time resident of Squamish and father of Jack Stathers, a stalwart member and past commodore at the Squamish Yacht Club.

Baker, Linda

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  • Unknown

Killop, Mac

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  • Unknown

Harry, Dale

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  • Unknown

Bopp, Victor

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  • Unknown

Staley, Bill

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  • Unknown

Colorama Studios

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  • Unknown

A photography studio in Squamish

St. Pierre, Paul

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  • 1923 -

Journalist, author, and MP in Squamish-Lillooet

George, Chief Dan

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  • July 24, 1899 - September 23, 1981
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