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Midnight, Charles Sr

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  • April 1872 - March 5, 1949

Charles was born in Austria but emigrated from Italy. He married Alice Claire Smith, daughter of railway roadmaster Hugh Smith in Massachusetts on August 24, 1904.

Charles Midnight Jr was born in 1907. He would become an engineer on the railway. Charles Midnight Senior had 14 children in total, including Hazel Armstrong.

Charles came to Squamish around 1919 and lived in both Squamish and Cheakamus. He became a section foreman of the PGE in Cheakamus. He changed his surname to Midnight (possibly from Menzanotte).

He died at 77 years of age on March 5, 1949. Mrs A. Midnight died at age 85 on June 25, 1971.

Munro, Henry Alexander

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  • January 20, 1871 - June 13, 1950

Henry Alexander was born in Quebec to Alexander and Annie (nee Hudson), both of Quebec. He was married to Christina Mcleen Dunlop.

He came to Squamish in 1912 to repair the Newport Hotel. He decided to stay so his wife and 3 sons joined him 3 months later.

Henry Alexander carried on a freighting service, had a livery stable, and a blacksmith shop. He would also make coffins and dig graves. He founded the Squamish Fire Department. Beginning with a bucket brigade and developing it to a $10,000 investment. He was the fire chief right up until he retired a few months before his death. He also advocated for parks in Squamish.

In the 1920's, he logged at Birken. Then he returned to Squamish to frieght material for the Utopia Mine at Britannia by packhorse (Dray Business). In 1934, he was in the dray business for the Asloo Mines. He later began a packhorse service into Black Tusk Meadows of Garibaldi Park.

After his wife died, one of his sons, Alexander ("Young Alex"), died when a locomotive #53 plunged into Seton Lake on january 23, 1950. After he retired as a Fire Chief he was awarded a Good Citizenship medal in March 1950.

He died on June 15, 1950 at age 81.

Barr, Norm

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Buckley, Kenneth Allan (Mike)

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Kenneth is the third son of Frank and Doris Buckley. His eldest brother, David Franklin, died in Squamish on August 30, 1932. His other brother Brian Buckley was born in Vancouver on October 20, 1930.

Dent, Alan

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Dent, Bob

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