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Squamish Chief

  • SC02
  • Collectivité
  • 1991 - present

The Squamish Chief has been published every week since 1991, serving the community of Squamish with local news, sports, entertainment and other special features.

Bopp, Victor

  • VB01
  • Personne
  • Unknown

Killop, Mac

  • KM02
  • Personne
  • Unknown

Baker, Linda

  • LB01
  • Personne
  • Unknown

St. Pierre, Paul

  • PS01
  • Personne
  • 1923 -

Journalist, author, and MP in Squamish-Lillooet

Cash, Jack

  • JC02
  • Personne
  • Unknown

Long, Jackie

  • JL01
  • Personne
  • Unknown

McNeil, Rose

  • RM01
  • Personne
  • April 9, 1884 - June 3, 1970

Born Rose Emma Wotruba.

In 1907, Rose pre-empted a homestead on the Cheekeye River with husband, J.B. Tatlow and children Clarence (Hank) and Agnes (would be Mrs Alex MacDonald).

In 1915, Rose divorced J.B. Tatolow and married Bert McNeil. They moved to 2nd Avenue.

Rose lived in Britannia for several years around 1921, including the time of the flood. She returned to Squamish after. Rose died on June 3, 1970 at age 86.

Schoonover, Elvira

  • ES01
  • Personne
  • January 7, 1877 - April 15, 1958

Born in New York City, Elvira Bump's family moved to Pennsylvannia where she met and married Charles Sherman Schoonover (1897). In 1898 they homesteaded in North Dakota and later pre-empted in Upper Squamish in October 1905.

Elvira and Charles Schoonover had two daughters, Mary and Mildred. Mary stayed with her grandparents in Pennsylvannia while Mildred moved to Squamish with them. In 1905 their son Robert was born in Squamish and delivered by an Indian woman. In 1908 the Schoonovers moved to Brackendale. Elvira's daughter Mary moved to Squamish in 1914 and later became Mrs Bruce Wright.

In 1932, the Schoonovers moved to a log cabin north of the Brackendale store. Elvira died in 1958 in Victoria, BC; her husband in 1950 at age 76.

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