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Armstrong, Herbert (Herb)

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  • ? - 1925

Herbert Armstrong married Minnie Rae in 1912. Minnie was born to Allen and Kate Rae on January 17, 1888 in Balmorl, Manitoba. She came to Squamish with her parents in 1889. She worked as a practical nurse for Doctor N.V. Paul.

Herb and D. McCallum owned and operated a store in Squamish. He was also a part owner of the post office which used to be located where the Seven Seas Restaurant later stood.

Minnie and Herb had 6 children: Mabel (Mrs Keith), Gertrude (Mrs Wilson), Margareta (Mrs McLeod), Bob, Jim, and Les. They lived on the corner right of the Spiral Trailer Court in an area known as "Armstrong's Corner".

Herbert Armstrong fell off a roof and died in 1925. Minnie continued to live at "Armstrong's Corner" in the area across from Mamquam School on Government Road. In 1953, she built an "Armstrong Barn".

Minnie died at age 78 on January 5, 1966.

Bennett, W.A.C.

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  • September 6, 1900 - February 23, 1979

W.A.C. Bennett is the longest-serving premier in BC history. Born in New Brunswick in 1900, William Andrew Cecil Bennett began his BC career as a successful hardware merchant in Kelowna. First active in the provincial Conservative Party, he joined the Social Credit Party in 1951, and became its leader after a surprise election victory in 1952. During his 20 year term as premier, the province saw rapid economic growth and the ambitious expansion of highways, hydro dams, railways, ferry service and post-secondary institutions, SFU among them. After winning re-election 6 times in campaigns against the "godless socialists" of the CCF-NDP (his term), Bennett resigned his leadership a year after his party was defeated by the NDP in 1972. His son Bill Bennett assumed the leadership, and later become premier himself. Known as "Wacky" to his political foes, W.A. C. Bennett died February 6, 1979 in Kelowna.

Buckley, Brian

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  • October 20, 1930 -

Brian Buckley was born in Vancouver to Frank and Doris Buckley. His eldest brother, David Franklin, died in Squamish on August 30, 1932. His other brother is Kenneth Allen Buckley.

Davis, Leo

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Dent, Bill

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Goad, Mary

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