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Neil, James Mathew

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  • September 4, 1873 - December 6, 1953

James Neil was born in Ontario. His father was Mathew Neil.

In 1900, he married Jean Matheson. Before coming to Squamish in 1907, he worked for many logging companies. In Squamish, he worked as a donkey "puncher".

He had a son named James Douglas.

In 1914, he logged with Earl Judd. Together they hauled a steam donkey on the Squamish River (2 miles above Pemberton).

He died at age 80 on December 6, 1953.

Rae, Jessica (Jessie)

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  • November 23, 1903 -

Jessie Judd was born to Henry and Barbara Anne (nee Edwards) Judd. She married Robert Stewart (Bert) Rae on December 27, 1927 and had three kids with him: Stewart James (Jimmy) on June 5, 1929; Catherine Anne (Anne - Mrs D.W. Davidson) on September 15, 1933; and Harry Stewart on January 27, 1935. Her husband was in a car accident at the entrance to Squamish in 1977. He died of complications as a result at age 86 on April 14, 1978. Her son Harry died in 1981.

Rae, Jimmie

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  • ~1902 - 1981

Jimmie was born the youngest of 10 Rae children. He married Grace Braiathwaite and he died in 1981.

Barbour, Kathleen

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  • 1889 - January 11, 1974

Kathleen Boyle was born in Waterford, Ireland as a direct descendant of Sir Richard Boyle, the first Earl of Cork whose son, Robert Boyle, became world famous Irish philosopher acclaimed as the "Father of Chemistry".

She arrived in Canada aboard the Virginian (one of the ships called to aid the Titanic). She lived in Vancouver for a short time and then moved to Squamish. In 1915, she met and married Allan Barbour. Together they had 4 children: Ken, Richard, Howard, and Kathleen (Mrs Lacey).

In 1930, Kathleen and her husband moved to Kerrisdale where she served 3 terms as president of the Women's Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 30. They lived near St. Mary's Church.

Her husband died on October 26, 1953 and she died at age 83 on January 11, 1974.

Buckley, Kenneth Allan (Mike)

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Kenneth is the third son of Frank and Doris Buckley. His eldest brother, David Franklin, died in Squamish on August 30, 1932. His other brother Brian Buckley was born in Vancouver on October 20, 1930.

Mills, Catherine (Kate)

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Kate Robertson married Allen Rae who had come to Canada from Scotland at age 21. They had a son (Oswald) and two daughters (Retta and Minnie). Minnie was born on January 17, 1888. The family left their farm in Manitoba as the wheat froze each winter. They came to Squamish in February 1889 where Kate's parents had alrady pre-empted. Allen hoped to find gold. They pre-empted near the present day railway shops.

Kate and Allen had seven more sons in Squamish: Thomas Edgar was the first white child to be born in the Squamish Valley (March 8, 1889), Wilfred (1891), Robert Stewart (1893), Herbert Lawson (June 15, 1894), Maurice (1896), Lawrence Johnson (1900), and Jimmie (around 1902).

Allen joined the hop industry around 1894. He grew hops in an area now known as North Yards. The farm would be 160 acres and was separated in 1921 when the Mamquam River changed its course. In 1904, Allen sold 20 acres of land to Jimmy Neil.

Allen died when he was blasting stumps on his farm. He did not wait long enough after he thought the fuse had gone out. The house near the railway shops was destroyed by a flood in 1908.

Around 1910, Kate bought a boarding house beside the Bracken Arms for the men working on the Howe Sound Northern Railway. The Lews, and then the Armstrongs were the successive owners.

Kate married Hugh Henry Mills in 1912. They lived in the house where Norm Halvorson later lived in 1984.

Killop, Mac

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  • Unknown

Baker, Linda

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  • Unknown

Davis, Leo

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Halvorson, Lynette

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  • 1935 - present

Lynette Munro was born to Freda Clark (Munro nee Lasser) and Alex Munro, a train engineer who was killed around 1951 when the train engine went into Seton Lake one winter. She has an older brother Dan, a Navy officer, and a younger brother Richard, a railway engineer on the Pacific Great Eastern.

Lynette finished high school and took her nurses training in Vancouver and then returned to Squamish and married Norman Halvorson. She worked for a very short time at the hospital in Squamish before her first child Don was born. She and Norm have four children: Don, Wendy, Paul, and Nancy.

Rae, Herbert Lawson

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  • June 15, 1894 - December 17, 1958

Herbert Lawson was born in the North Yards area of Squamish to Allen and Kate Rae. He was a student in the first school. Around 1819, he joined the army and was assigned to Siberia. He later married Clara Lillian Nicholls, a teacher and the neice of Emily Carr. Clara was born on March 7, 1891 in England to Richard Nicholls and Clara Carr. They would have 6 children. The five that were alive in 1983 were Louise Riis, Herbert, Donny, David, and Betty Lorenz.

In the 1920's, Lawson was Government Road foreman when the road to Britannia was built. At one time he was Public Works Foreman. He was also a Dairy Farmer.

When Lawson died in December 1958, he had the only farm in active use in the Squamish Valley. His wife Clara died in 1976

Rae, Lawrence Johnson

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  • 1900 - February 8, 1961

Lawrence Johnson was born in Squamish to Kate and Allen Rae. He married Violet Jane Smith on September 19, 1921. Violet died on July 28, 1924. Lawrence died in Quesnel at age 61.

Armstrong, Minnie

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  • January 17, 1888 - January 5, 1966

Minnie was born to Allen and Kate Rae on Junary 17, 1888 in Balmorl, Manitoba. She came to Squamish with her parents in 1889. She worked as a practical nurse for Doctor N.V. Paul.

She married Herbert Armstrong in 1912. He and D. McCallum owned and operated a store in Squamish. He was also a part owner of the post office which used to be located where the Seven Seas Restaurant later stood.

Minnie and Herb had 6 children: Mabel (Mrs Keith), Gertrude (Mrs Wilson), Margareta (Mrs McLeod), Bob, Jim, and Les. They lived on the corner right of the Spiral Trailer Court in an area known as "Armstrong's Corner".

Herbert Armstrong fell off a roof and died in 1925. Minnie continued to live at "Armstrong's Corner" in the area across from Mamquam School on Government Road. In 1953, she built an "Armstrong Barn".

Minnie died at age 78 on January 5, 1966.

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