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Barnfield, Alfred Pinneger

  • AB02
  • Person
  • October 30, 1866 - September 24, 1960

Alfred was born in Wittshire, England to Edward and Ann (nee Pinnegar) Barnfield.

He was a preemptor on the Lillooet River and was one of nine men to clear, replace bridges, and improve the grade on the 60 mile Squamish-Pemberton trail (April - July 1891).

In 1897, he helped John Currie attempt to drive his animals over the Howe Sound trail. The drive was a great failure. During the summer of 1897, he explored for minerals down Lillooet Lake. In 1897 he went to Blackwater, or Birkenhead to explore for copper.

Alfred came to Squamish prior to 1905. His name ppears in the a Hotel register in 1903, however he states he is from Vancouver and later Green Lake. He later signs himself as coming from Squamish.

On August 1, 1910, he married Daisy Eck Hotchkiss and they went to England on their honeymoon. They lived at Alta Lake and had four children (Charles, Fred, William, and Vera). Their son Charles, born in 1920, died overseas.

In 1924 he moved to Squamish on Wilson Crescent. He had traded land at Alta Lake with the PGE.

Barbour, Allan Newton

  • AB01
  • Person
  • September 3, 1869 - October 26, 1953

Allan Barbour was born in New Brunswick to Robert Barbour and ? Newton, both of Scotland. In the early 1900's, Allan and his brother Charlie came to the coast. He worked in the Fraser Valley for two years before the Barbour brothers came to Squamish in 1907. He homesteaded across from the current railway shops.

In 1915, Allan Barbour married Kathleen Boyle. The first of their four children was born in 1916 (Richard). Later on they had Howard, Kenneth, and Kathleen (Mrs Lacey).

Al Barbour retired in 1935 and he died later that year on October 26 at age 84.

Galbraith, David

  • Person
  • March 16, 1861

David Galbraith was born in St. Mary's, Ontario (1858). He married Laurie Green (born in 1868) and arrived in Gastown on December 1884. Their first daughter Doris was born in Agassiz on September 5, 1895. In 1896 they moved to Harrison River. He built a store and boarding house.

His second daughter, Jean, was born at Harrison Mills in 1897. In 1901 he sold the store and boarding house to Mr Kilby.

In 1902, he came to Squamish to build the first hotel. He bought a store from Mashiter. The family arrived in Squamish in 1906. That year he also built the Cheakamus House, a hunter's lodge by the Cheakumus River (across from the present location of Fergie's), with Dutch Charlie ("Cheakamus Charlie") who operated it. His third daughter, Isobel (Widge) was born in this hotel (she would be Mrs Stan Blake). The Cheakamus House was destroyed by a flood in 1940.

In 1912, he built a store called Squamish Interiors (north of Shell Station) that would later be the Adams & Adams store.

Doris married Frank Buckley on October 11, 1914. They were the first couple married in a church in Squamish.

Mrs Galbraith died in March 1944. There was a memorial of Brass Vases and Collection Plate in the Anglican Church.

Jean (Mrs Angus McRae) won the Good Citizenship Medal in 1950 for her work as a nurse. The same year the Galbraith Hotel was sold to Empire Mills for $14,000 and used as a bunkhouse. The hotel was used to film the movie "Presbyterian Church Wager". In the early 1970's, the hotel was used to film the movie "McCade and Mrs Miller". It was demolished in 1973.

David died at age 89 on February 26, 1951. Jean's husband died in 1964. Jean Galbraith McRae died in Burnaby on January 25, 1976. Doris Galbraith Buckley died on January 7, 1978.

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